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Design Process

Initial Consultation


This discussion either in our office or on site is to clarify your design brief and the feasibility of the project.


Building costs, time frames and client wish list are discussed.


Site Investigation


Site visit to gather information such as ground levels, orientation, features and views that will influence building siting.


Title search to establish any easements or special covenants.


Town planning research to establish if resource consents need to be applied for.

Preliminary Design


This is the design concept to suit the client requirement. Relevant information such as budget, Resource Management.


The scheme will include a floor plan and an elevation to enable further discussion and development.

Developed Design


We develop the design concept in consultation with the client. We make changes needed up to the point where the client signs off the design concept, approving that they meet all the requirements of the design brief.

Construction Drawings and Specification


These are the final technical drawings and written specification that define the quality of workmanship, materials and standards that are required in the project construction.


All details needed to ensure weather tightness and acceptable solutions included.


Any engineering, survey or mechanical engineering drawings are included in our documents.


These documents are used for building consents, tender and pricing and form part of your building contract documentation.


Building Contract Tendering


If the client wishes to, we will select building contractors that we know will be able to complete the project to a high standard.


We follow the tender process closely and will be able to analyze the prices and recommend the best contractor.


A bulding contract will be drawn up and signed.


Administration & Observation


We will do the observation and administration of the project if engaged by the client.


This includes observation of the building work at regular intervals and at key points of the process. We monitor work and variations, check and approve payment claims from the contractors with any necessary adjustments. Final checks and application for a code compliance certificate.


We will take as much of the stress out of the building process for the client as we can from concept to turn key.

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